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Radio Player

This is a DAB+ radio player and music player with a simplified user interface for people with dementia.

By pressing the radio play button, the first configured radio station is played and the next button changes to the next configured radio station. 

By pressing the song play button, the first song is played and the next button moves to the next song in the play list. When a song is finished, the next song is played.

The Lcd display shows which radio channel or song is playing.  

There is a usb memory stick at the bottom which can be removed and edited in a computer. The memory stick contains a list of available radio channels and the songs that can be played.

The button on the bottom is to rescan the dab+ radio stations and update the radio player configuration from the memory stick.

The radio player is based on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ computer with a specially designed i/o card and a DAB+ radio module from "".

The computer is programmed in the Python3 programming language to control the radio, buttons, lcd, leds and song play.

The radio player is powered by an external dc power supply between 12 and 24v (typical a laptop power supply).

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